• Negative Feedback Op AMP
  • Design A Feedback Circuit
  • Application of Op AMP
  • Design Circuit Goals

What is advantage of negative feedback?

Negative feedback is used in Op Amps to reduce and stabilize the gain, reduce distortion, increase bandwidth, change the value of input and output resistances, and reduce the effect of variations in temperature and supply voltage on the output of the Op AMP. It also has less frequency distortion and less harmonic distortion. One great advantage in using an Op AMP with negative feeback is that the actual voltage gain of the Op AMP doesn;t matter, so long as it's very large.

Negative feedback in Op AMP has serveral advantages 1. Less frequency distortion 2. Highly stabilized gain 3. Control step response of amplifier 4. Less harmonic distortion 5. Less amplitude distortion.

How to design a feedback circuit?

Negative feedback in Op AMP is process of " Feedback " a fraction of the output signal back to the input in such a way that the output is in equilibrium with the input. This means that any change in the input is followed by a similar change in output. To make the feedback negative, we must feed it back to the negative or " Inverting input " terminal of the OP AMP using an external feedback resitor Rf. This feedback connection between the output and the inverting input terminal forces the differential input voltage toward zero.

Application of Op AMP

Op AMP are used for a variety of applications such as AC and DC signal amplification, filters, oscillators, voltage regulators, comparators and in most of consumer and industrial devices. Op AMP exhibit little dependence on temperature - changes or manufacturing variations, which makes them ideal building blocks in electronic circuits.

Op AMPS can used as adder or summing amplifier. They can also be used as voltage followers, selective inversion circuits, current to voltage converters, active rectifiers, integrators, a whole wide variety of filters and voltage comparators.

What is the Op Amp Goals

The primary goal of an Op AMP is amplify a signal the output of a sensor must be amplifed in order to have the ADC measure this signal. The analog engineer's circuit Cookbook Op AMP provides Op AMP, sub - circuit ideas that can be quickly adapted to meet your specific system needs.

Op AMP ..the ideal Op AMP is an amplifier with infinite input impedance infinite open - loop gain, zero output impedamce, infinite bandwidth and zero noise inputs which allow circuits that used feedback to achieve a wide range of functions.